6 Ways To Get The Most In A Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads? The power of content marketing is hard to ignore and it's something that you should definitely take advantage of if you want to build your brand.

But do you struggle to see the great results that you hear so much about? In this article, we're about to explain where you should focus your efforts, to get the very best results for your ecommerce store...

1. Create product videos to increase conversion

A video can have a huge impact on conversion. It's the quickest way to get your message across, and people prefer it ahead of reading a bunch of text. One of the downsides of Ecommerce is that the customer cannot physically hold the product before purchasing, making your job a little harder. That's why creating a product video is so worthwhile because it helps the customer see your product in full view and help increase conversions!

In fact, many online stores have already seen huge results from creating product videos. Check out this post from Econsultancy and you'll see that Ariat had a conversion increase of 160%, Zappos saw an increase of 30% and Stack And Stacks reported that shoppers were 144% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video.

Pro tip: Think about the biggest selling points of your products and show them off in your product videos.

2. Create 'how-to' videos to increase brand awareness

Just like a product video is more focused to the end of the sales funnel, a 'how-to' video is a great tool to use for those people at the top of your funnel – in the awareness stage. By creating 'how-to' videos that are related to your product, you'll be providing viewers with a valuable piece of content that they can takeaway and learn something from.

When planning a 'how-to' video, it's important to think about the problems that your customers face. Take hair and beauty brand, feelunique.com as a great example. From their YouTube page you'll find plenty of 'how-to' videos with tips and advice on how people can apply make-up, style their hair and paint their nails etc. This is ideal for their target audience as it's useful and shareable.

Pro tip: Add your how-to videos to your blog and make it a weekly feature so people can tune in regularly.

3. Create e-books and Infographics for added value

E-books and infographics are both two types of content that you can use to add further value to your brand. The great thing about producing content like this is that it's data-driven, meaning people are more likely to subscribe to get their hands on it.

By creating an infographic or an e-book, you can offer it as a giveaway next to your email subscribe button to help build up a solid list of targeted leads. Make sure the content that you create is relevant to the products you sell. Be sure to include data that teaches them something new as this will help people come to respect and trust your brand.

Pro tip: Check out analytics to find the search terms that customers are searching for, then use that as the theme of your content.

4. Post images to showcase your products

Research conducted by MDG Advertising found that visual posts generate 94% more traffic than text based posts, and it's not hard to see why. Images are not only interesting to look at, but they are far more easier to digest, so it makes sense to use them to tell the story of your brand.

The great thing about Ecommerce is that you have a physical product that you can take photos of. In addition to a product video, you should aim to have an image next to the product info on your site. You can pick up great tips from eBay or Amazon in this instance, as they give customers the chance to check out various different angles, colors or styles of each product, to really help push the sale forward. Check out this example of a Ninja Ultima blender below. The user can see the main image of the product, and then scroll through to see various different styles and colors. 

In addition to your site, you should be pushing your products on your social feeds, and Instagram is the perfect tool to help you do this visually. If you take a look at a brand such as GoPro then you'll see they've really nailed visual content marketing. They actually encourage their fans to send them photos or videos, using their GoPro camera, and as you can see below - the results are incredible.

Think about running a user generated content campaign in which you set a fun theme and encourage customers to send you pics of them using your product. 

Pro tip: Download our product photography cheat sheet for awesome tips and handy tools to use for your online store.

5. Get blogging to become a thought-leader

Becoming a thought-leader within your industry is a goal that every Ecommerce merchant should have. You'll stand apart from your competitors and become the go-to brand for your niche. You need to start by making sure your ecommerce blog is something that you regularly update.

As a store owner you should consider blogging about your products, featuring customer reviews, offering insider tips, and blogging about the latest industry news to improve shares. Again, it's all about adding value for your audience, so think about what your customers want to read, and start creating content that correlates with that.

If you haven’t heard about the skyscraper technique made popular by Brian Dean then go check out his blog now. The basic theory is that you find blog content that's popular, build upon it to make yours better, and promote it. It's a simple technique that is actually proven to work, so it's worth considering this when you create future blog posts.

Pro tip: Check out tools such as BuzzSumo to help you find the best performing content in your industry.


Anyone can publish content and hope for the best, but if you want to see real results then you need to work a little harder than that. As we've mentioned above, start producing content that is targeted to your audience and make sure that it adds value. There isn’t one set rule but if you start including all the above in your strategy then you should see the results that your store deserves.

Don't forget, if you need any help starting, building or growing your online store then we are your experts – contact us today!