About Manjula

Greetings All,

Welcome to my my 'View'! This is my first post on this blog ....so here's a 'not-so-brief' introduction. :)

I've been on board at AmeriCommerce as the Support and Documentation Manager since August, 2008. Some of you know me through the forum posts and some through the  support portal but for those that don't....

Here is a little background info:

I was introduced to the fascinating world of eCommerce a few years ago by Seth Godin's CD. I can't recall the exact name but it was about how to make money on the internet and bootstrapping. Seth Godin, in my opinion has written some of the best books on marketing and although this Audio CD didn't teach me how to make money on the internet (if only it were that simple :) ) - it explained the concept and introduced me to the world of eCommerce. I made a financial plan, quit my job and immersed myself in eCommerce and I've never looked back. I walked into a field that absolutely fascinates me. I live it, I dream it and I love it.

 Although my start into the eCommerce world sounds almost like I bought into a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme - it really isn't that way. :) I knew the power was in the concept and not in the title 'how to make money'. Since then, I have taught myself everything I could about SEO, Data feed optimization, Navigation and Architecture design of eCommerce sites, PPC and Web Analytics. I did go on to get a certification in Web Analytics at the University of British Columbia. The rest of my education from my university days is a degree in Finance, Business and Technology. Big Surprise! :)

Phew! That was a lot of background info! I could write endlessly - but I'm trying to keep it relevant. Well, mostly. :)

What is my objective?

To provide support and documentation to assist store owners in setting up and managing their stores. I have started work on this and as you may have seen - the knowledge base navigation has been restructured and we've been adding many detailed KBs. My objective is to provide the tools, you as a store owner need to run your store and to ensure every customer gets prompt and effective support. I will also be talking about features and their uses etc from a store owner's perspective in blog posts to help you better utilize the full functionality and to unleash the power of the software (AmeriCommerce) to help manage and grow your business.

On the Personal front....

If you are still reading, you must be curious. :) I live with my husband and 3 cats. I love comedies (movies, stand-up, life.....anything funny really), brilliance (minds, ideas, books), honesty, integrity and tea! Not Chai Tea. Just Tea. Please do not say 'Chai Tea' to me. You would offend me. :) In India 'Chai' translates to Tea. So in effect, when you say Chai Tea, to me it translates to 'Tea Tea'. You listening David (Blount)? David loves Chai. He knows nothing about authentic Chai - but says he loves the flavored sweetened milk that his favorite cafe sells as 'Chai Tea'! Granted he is the expert on networking, PCI compliance and all the good stuff, but he is a newbie to the world of Chai. ;)

Enough about me......I'd love to hear how you got started with online businesses. Your accomplishments, challenges....anything you'd like to share related to your getting started in the fascinating world of online stores.

Be well! and have a wonderful holiday season!