How to Get Your Online Store Noticed On Social Media

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

Are you struggling to make your online store stand out on social?

With so many retailers trying to win the attention of your audience, it can be difficult to stand apart from the crowd. But with a few tweaks to your social strategy, it's not impossible to get people to notice you.

That's why this week we thought we'd share with you our 8 top tips to help you grow your social channels...

1. Run a user generated content campaign

A user generated content campaign is a great way to stand out on social because it gives your customers a voice. Typically you'll set a theme for the campaign and ask your customers to post photos using your products. You can assign a hashtag to your campaign to gain more exposure to your brand, and you'll be able to collate the content under one feed.

For example, Starbucks asked fans to draw a cool design on their coffee cups and then upload the photo to their social feed. This helped create a buzz surrounding the brand, plus it got fans to buy more coffee – mission complete!


 Check out this blog from HubSpot to find out more awesome examples of user generated content campaigns.

2. Stick to the 5:3:2 rule

Have you heard of the 5:3:2 rule? It's basically a ratio to follow that will help you build an effective strategy for your posting schedule. The idea is that for every 10 posts you make, 5 of those should be content from others, 3 should be fun content that will show off the human side of your brand.

Sure you may not like posting content from other people, but the reason it works so well is because it's targeted to your audience. If you want to grow a large following then you need to make your feeds about them, rather than 100% focused on you.

If you're looking for content curation sites then check out places such as:

3. Post images

Did you know that 87% of the posts shared on Facebook include an image? Social media is all about telling a story in a fast, engaging way, and there's no better way to do that than by posting an image.

The great news for Ecommerce owners is that you don't have to waste time sitting around deciding what images to use – you can post your products! Now, we're not saying that you should continuously post your products, but so long as you get creative and keep in mind the 5:3:2 rule then you'll see your followers grow.

This image below from Nordstrom is a great example. They've created an adorable image for Father's Day helping to become universally shareable and gain more exposure.  

4. Join a Twitter chat

Have you ever joined in with a Twitter chat? It's great for building your followers as you can join a community full of people that want to discuss the same topics as you. You can use handy platforms such as TweetChat that will block out the noise of your feed so you just see the people who are involved in the chat itself.

Each time you post a reply to a question a hashtag related to the chat will be included in your tweet, and if the chat has a large community then you'll typically see the hashtag trending while the chat is taking place. There are plenty of chats taking place across Twitter so check out TweetReports to find one that is related to your niche.

5. Engage with your followers

Engaging with your followers is all part of a good social strategy. The more you reply to your followers, the more people will want to stay connected to you, and the more likely you are to stand out as an engaged brand on social.

If you're finding it hard to stay on top of replies while running your online store then think about employing a social media expert who can take the load off your plate. It's also a good idea to set up an account that specifically handles customer support as you can monitor problems and deal with them efficiently, and away from your main social account.

Nike is the perfect example of a huge brand that will regularly reply to their fans. They even have dedicated accounts set up to offer support when customers need it. 

6. Include social sharing on your site

Optimizing your social pages with a link back to your site is an obvious first step, but what about the people already on your site looking for your social platforms? If you include social sharing buttons on your website then you can direct people to your social media.

Our top tip is to include social sharing buttons on your blog and your product pages. That way, you'll encourage more people to share your content and your products – helping you to get more exposure on social and sell more stuff!

7. Pay to promote your content

The problem with some social media channels such as Facebook, is that they have certain posting restrictions making it difficult to get your content in front of the people who would be genuinely interested in seeing it. So that's why it's a good idea to pay to promote your content.

You can set a budget that you can afford and you'll be able to target your post to your audience. That way, you'll build more likes and you'll be able to put your content and products in front of people that are interested in buying.

8. Set up a posting strategy

Updating your social feeds on the fly is great for keeping up the trending topics, but it's also good practice to have a constant stream of content. That's why a social media management tool can really help as you can set up a schedule of content that you want to post and automate them to publish on certain dates and at certain times.

Some of the most popular platforms include:

Wondering when you should set up your posts for the best response? Check out this infographic by QuickSprout to find out stats on the best time to post for each platform, but also be sure to stay on track of your feeds to find out when your audience is most engaged with you.


So those are our 8 top tips on how to make your store stand out on social. The big takeaways here are that you need to post a mixture of content in addition to your own, you need to make sure you're showing off your personality, and you need to engage with your followers as much as you can!

Can you think of anymore? Let us know in the comments below. And don't forget, if you want to set up your Ecommerce store then get in touch with us today. 

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