10 Ways To Convert Shoppers Into Buyers (Free eBook)

"To grow your online store, you need to drive more traffic." How many times have you heard this advice? Now, of course, it's a valid point - more traffic can reap numerous benefits - but it doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

Many eCommerce store owners are focused on driving more visitors to their store, but - while more traffic can be a huge win - it simply isn't worth the effort and expense if those visitors aren't converting into customers.

Studies have shown that only around 10% of visitors add an item to their cart, and only around 3% actually convert into a sale. If you can boost these numbers, you're going to see a huge impact on your bottom line.

So we wanted to put together a useful resource for you store owners, containing some actionable ideas not only on how to drive more traffic, but - equally importantly - how to turn them into customers.

In our latest FREE Ecommerce e-book, '10 Ways To Supercharge Your Traffic That Converts Shoppers Into Buyers,' we do exactly that. We give you essential tips about how you can generate targeted traffic, and how to optimize your website to convert your visitors.

Table of Contents

"As you’ll discover in this Ecommerce E–book, there are many things you have to do 'off the island' to get people coming to the island. And there are many things you must do “on the island” to ensure you keep them and convert them. Tactically, those two functions are very different. As a result, we’ve divided this book into two distinct sections."

Drive Traffic

  • Page 4 - Google Shopping Campaigns (formerly Google Product Listing Ads)
  • Page 6 - Pay per Click and Retargeting
  • Page 8 - Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts
  • Page 10 - Build social communities
  • Page 12 - Display your products on high traffic sites

Optimize and Convert

  • Page 13 - Content and Outreach
  • Page 15 - Optimize landing pages and product pages
  • Page 17 - Split testing for conversion
  • Page 18 - Calls to action and confidence builders
  • Page 20 - Ongoing refinement of layout

Click here to head over and download the e-commerce e-book now! It's totally free - and we're convinced it'll help you grow your business. Enjoy!