New Setting: Tie product display widgets to Add To Cart buttons

Have you ever wanted to offer upsells at the product level that only requires a single click? Now you can.

Here's an example of a product display widget using this setting:

View the product details page here: https://www.cheapcheapmovingbo...

The setting can be found on any product display widget being used on the product details page.

When this setting is enabled, it can be used in conjunction with ADDTOCARTCHECKBOX merge code for the products and ADDITIONALADDTOCARTPRICETEXT and ADDTIONALADDTOCARTPRICE for the widget. 

The ADDTOCARTCHECKBOX is used to check additional items to add to cart when the main product page's add to cart button is clicked, and the ADDITIONALADDTOCARTPRICE merge code will display the additional price for the selected items.