Awesome, free eCommerce Graphics To Make Your Online Store Stand Out

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

The graphics you use on your store page are extremely important – and not only because awesome, high-quality graphics tell your visitors they're buying from an awesome, high-quality business!

Graphics, such as icons and banners, are real eye-candy and can play a big role in converting traffic into sales. Visuals are transmitted to the brain 60,000 times faster than text, so a well-placed graphic advertising an offer or promotion makes the message that much more impactful.

Of course, finding quality graphics you're actually free to use is often easier said than done. Unless you create them internally, you need to be aware of the licensing and usage restrictions. Many graphic packs will require purchase or royalty payments which can eat into your budget.

We thought we'd make the whole process a little easier by running through 15 FREE Ecommerce graphic packs you can use free of charge on your store. Please note, many of these packs include vector files – you'll need vector-editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW to open and edit these files.

1. 106 Minimalist Ecommerce icons

This handy pack features a wide range of simple flat icons.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

2. Simple Icon's Ecommerce set

Another set of simple, flat-graphic icons, featuring everything from shopping carts and baskets through to money bags and receipts.

License: Free for personal and commercial use (with credit and link back)

3. 250 Ultimate E-Commerce Vector Pack by Freepik (via Woo Themes)

This comprehensive pack features pretty much every flat icon you could ever need!

License: Free for personal and commercial use

4. Payment Icons set via Smashing Magazine

These handy payment icons come in 3 different sizes, and are a great, visual way to illustrate your accepted payment methods. And, since they're PNG files, they're ready for web use as soon you download them.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

5. Payment Method Icons (Vector) from

This pack features more methods of payment – 17 in total – and since they come in vector format, you'll be able to resize them without losing any quality.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

6. Checkout Process Icons

These icons are a nice way to illustrate different parts of your checkout process, and they come in web-ready formats (with the vector source files included.)

License: Free for personal and commercial use (with credit and link back)

7. 3D style Ecommerce Vector Icons

This pack of 3D vector icons is a bright and eye-catching way to bring some extra colour to your store page.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

8. Social media icons from

Social icons are an absolute must-have on your page these days, and this beautiful pack features a huge collection.

License: Free for personal and commercial use (with credit and link back)

9.Sketch-style social icons by SpoonGraphics

 If you're looking for a quirky twist on your social icons, look no further. We love these sketch-style buttons which link to your social channels in a fun, informal way. The full pack contains no fewer than 16 social icons.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

10. Computer buttons arrows by freevector/

This is a comprehensive pack of basic buttons which can make navigation of your website a little more visual and exciting!

License: Free for personal and commercial use (with credit and link)

11. Ecommerce Shopping Icons pack by Freepik

These flat icons are really cool and contemporary. They come as PSD files and can be easily recoloured to match your brand.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

12. Retro business stickers by Freepik

Bring some retro-cool to your store with this sticker set. You can easily edit the text and colours on these badges using vector editing software, and they're great for bringing attention to your key products and promotions.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

13. Shopping cart vector icons by Freepik

Nothing says 'online shopping' like a well-placed shopping cart graphic – this pack features a few choices. All of them are simple, modern and fun!

License: Free for personal and commercial use.

14. Shopping Vector Icon Set from WebDesignHot

This handy pack features a range of colourful illustrations, including eye-catching sale stickers.

License: Free for personal and commercial use (with credit and back link)

15. Discount Tags by Freepik

Few things entice customers quite like a discounted product. These discount tags are really eye-catching and advertise your promotions in a vibrant, dynamic way.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

16. Best price banners by Freepik

These attention-grabbing banners are a great way to showcase your products and offers, and you can edit the colours and text to suit your brand.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

17. Blue retro badges and banners by Freepik

Another set of ultra-fashionable badges, which you can use in a number of different ways – whether it's communicating your offers, or delivering trust-building guarantees.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

18. Discount Web Banners by Freepik

This versatile pack features a multitude of different banners to grab your customers' attention.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

19. Gold Premium Badges collection by Freepik

This pack features a range of gold-effect badges which, used correctly, can be an eye-catching way to communicate a sense of prestige around your product.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

20. Vintage Vector Badge Shapes by Freepik

This modern collection of badges and banners is potentially another eye-catching and visually engaging to your store page.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

21. Colourful sales and shopping stickers by Freepik

These simple but colourful 'sticker' style icons are great at standing out on the page and bringing viewer attention to promotions, new arrivals and discounts.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

How important are web graphics – and where do you find yours? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Keri Blakinger
August 14, 2014 9:25 PM
Oh these are nice icons. By the way, I like the graphics on your site. It's a nicely put-together site.
Josh R.
August 15, 2014 10:49 AM
Wow! I have used several of these iconic images, but each time I need one I have to go searching. This makes one stop shopping a breeze. By the way, the major credit card companies have all done research that shows those little credit card signs increase sales. That is why you see them in all the shops etc. They make a difference. Also icons are very important for use in the international market and since online stores are often viewed around the world, they can be business generators for those with limited ability in English. Most importantly, I love the use of advertising "magic words" like new, free, etc. Great idea.
David Adams
August 16, 2014 1:52 PM
Nice! I could use some free icons and graphics for my site as the ones I made are a bit iffy at best. My skills with photoshop is clearly not great so I'll be downloading some of these packages to make my site even better.
Alex London
August 17, 2014 4:47 PM
Incredibly useful resources, thank you so much! I think giving customers a slickly presented experience is the difference between making sales and not. These graphics will be a great help!
Bryan (Store Admin)
August 18, 2014 10:10 AM
@Keri Blakinger, thanks for the compliments on the site graphics! Thanks for the comments @Josh R, @David Adams, @Alex London. I have searched high and low for shopping cart banners and graphics on many occasions. My favorite ones these days are the graphics that are styled using vintage typography. This is growing wildly popular. In fact, as products go, my favorite t-shirt is a simple one color design using hand drawn typographical artwork.

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