June Roundup of New Features and Integrations for Your Online Store

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

AmeriCommerce® Online Store knows that your business is at its best when efficiency meets opportunity. If you have the right tools, talent and process in place, success is sure to follow. Your customers know it, too. With AmeriCommerce’s new integration of apps and feature updates, the opportunities are better than ever.

eBay®: One of Three New Integrations for your Online Store

As any store owner knows, it isn’t enough to simply wait for shoppers to come to you; you must go to out your shoppers and be part of their environment, too. AmeriCommerce knows there’s no "buyer’s market" quite like eBay®, which is why we’ve added this new app integration.

Our integration gives AmeriCommerce store owners the ability to list store products on eBay® with just a few clicks, giving more visibility and customer reach on one of the most popular marketplaces in the world.

AmeriCommerce makes it easy to integrate with a few simple steps. Once you authorize the app, just click through to the Configuration Page and begin choosing listing options such as “New,” “Used,” “Pricing,” “Shipping,” “Allow Returns,” “Allow International Orders,” etc. Activate the items to list on eBay and include product descriptions in Tools>Apps & Addons>eBay>eBay Listings.

When an item is sold on eBay it will be synced back to your store for fulfillment as well as shipping and tracking.

Choose your categories, list your products and make more opportunity for revenue today with eBay® integration;

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Two New Theme Designs

Product photography can make all the difference for a website, but not everyone has access to a high-end professional photo shoot. With this in mind, our designers went to work on new themes that present products in well-spaced, simple formats that allow for users’ basic photography to look attractive and enticing for shoppers. Our two newest themes are spacious, minimalist style designs that hit all the marks for form and function. The broad use of negative space and symmetry provide ample breathing room for shoppers to browse product without feeling overwhelmed in both content and tone. The responsive designs ensure optimal viewing from laptops and PCs to mobile devices. Plus, they’re both free!

BlueFish is designed with a clean, crisp layout featuring contemporary style. This is an industry-based theme built to capture the art of simplicity and put the store owners in the drivers’ seat for creating and organizing a neat, organized store. Given its sleek design and architecture, this free theme is unlike any other in our catalog. BlueFish is great for stores selling electronics, furniture, jewelry, home and garden, artwork, books, beauty supplies and much more.

Winter offers a drawer-style main navigation in an Isotope layout framework. This FREE theme puts the navigation front and center and provides an austere foundation to help products look their best. Try Winter for furniture, food and beverage, home and garden, artwork and more. If you liked our Sleven theme, you’re sure to like this for its sleek simplicity as it puts the visitor in control for easy, effortless browsing.

Check out these new AmeriCommerce themes now.

Sell More with BOGO Discounts

Are your shoppers wanting more? Do you want to move more inventory? The way to go may be BOGO.

Buy-One-Get-One-Free is a veteran marketing move that—when done right—can invite new shoppers, motivate old customers, produce sales and move products off the shelf. Shoppers really like BOGO, too. A study from AMG reveals 66% of shoppers prefer BOGO to other discount promotions.

Lucky for AmeriCommerce Online Store owners, our new BOGO discount rules are here to help make this marketing endeavor more manageable. We now have a BOGO option for these discount rules:

“item in cart”
“category in cart”
“category including subcategories in cart”
“manufacturer in cart”
“product list in cart”

If you’ve ever wanted to do BOGO based on one or more manufacturers, this feature is for you. Store owners can create a BOGO discount by adding a rule to a discount method/action that has the option of BOGO.

If BOGO is on your radar for marketing or promotions, check out these discount rules and see how it can work for you. You pick the products and price points, and we’ll have the settings and options here for you to go BOGO with confidence.

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Get More Ways to Process Payments with Stripe Integration

With over 50 different payment gateway integrations, AmeriCommerce has always made it a priority to provide an abundance of options for store owners. So when merchant demand reached the inevitable level for the popular payment processor, Stripe, we eagerly added it to our growing list. We are proud to announce we now offer Stripe integration.

Stripe offers an easy enrollment process and competitive rates, so it’s no wonder we’ve had many requests for its compatibility with AmeriCommerce. Until now, store owners who were already Stripe customers were left to choose a different brand or seek other options for ecommerce. This new integration puts more control in the hands of the store owner. If you like Stripe, you’ll love Spark!

For Spark customers looking to add Stripe as their payment processor, find Stripe as the option in Settings > Payment Gateway > and see it in the list of providers.

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More SEO-Friendly Default URLs

Ranking higher in search engines is a critical goal for any store owner, but many will tell you that it’s a cumbersome moving target with many determining factors. One such factor is having SEO-friendly URLs, which consist of keywords that explain the article of a website for both readers and search engines alike.

With AmeriCommerce Online Store, we’ve updated the way custom URLs are generated—automatically.

Our newest feature update provides auto-generated custom URLs when creating a new product, category, attribute, content page, blog post, manufacturer, contact form or profile. These are generated for an entity by following the page URL format setting (found in Settings > Search Engine).

What this means for AmeriCommerce Online Store owners is an efficient, structured manner in which URLs are created, serving as a default safety net for SEO-friendly URLs. As a store owner with so many decisions and tasks every day, this is one fundamental SEO element we can help automate for you.

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Smarty Streets Integration

Ask any online store owner who regularly ships products about the power of address verification and he/she will tell you it’s a sneaky element that can really affect profits. If a customer provides an inaccurate, undeliverable address, the additional costs of the returned packages can cut into your profits.

SmartyStreets is an API that makes address verification simple and easy. From correcting spelling mistakes to address and zip code validation, SmartyStreets parses it into a “real” address. AmeriCommerce Online Store has integrated with SmartyStreets to help add another tool of efficiency for our customers. With this integration enabled, you’ll be able to verify international and domestic addresses on One Page Checkout. The street level searches will be accessible from the admin’s order edit screen as well as the customers’ address book.

Find the app in our Apps and Integrations tab or click here.

Avoid the “return to sender” problems and shift the focus back to return-on-investment with the new SmartyStreet app integration for your AmeriCommerce online store. Click here for more info

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Jordan Wilder
June 13, 2016 12:44 PM
Will Stripe be using your One-Page-Checkout or Stripe's checkout? Also, can you give an update on your OPC redesign?
Spark Pay Blogger (Store Admin)
June 14, 2016 7:11 PM
Hey Jordan!! Ed here! Thanks for the question. When you turn on Stripe, the payment is only processed via Stripe, but it goes through the normal checkout flow of your store. We treat Stripe more like a payment gateway than a replacement for checkout to basically just process the payment behind the scenes. I don't think a stripe logo is every shown during the process for instance. The reason we do not replace our checkout screens with theirs is so that the store operator still maintains full creative control of your checkout flow, giving you power back in your hands to change the page and flow as needed via our theme engine and system. As for OPC redesign, it's coming along nicely! It's fast last I heard which is one of the big things we were solving for! Shouldn't be much longer!
Jordan Wilder
November 11, 2016 4:34 PM
Any update on the new OPC? Any new features/functionality you can tease us with?
Appsforsys Sys
January 30, 2017 3:16 AM
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