AmeriCommerce Acquires...Itself!


As of October, AmeriCommerce, the brand and company known for creating powerful multi-store eCommerce experiences is officially back! The team you know and love here at AmeriCommerce acquired the company from Spark Pay and raised a large round of investment to provide a singular, heart pounding and powerful focus on the growth hungry merchants we were built for. AmeriCommerce is thrilled for the future and what it holds for our feature rich platform, our customers and our team of eCommerce coding adventurists. We are officially back to operating as a well funded and privately-owned Texas company with a singular mission of putting our beloved merchants first. We want to thank our entire team for the hard work it took for making the transition so smooth; all while saving some time for our heated debates over Marvel vs. DC fanfare. After all, we do work in a really sweet office themed around Pirate Pop Culture (it's a

Powering through the spin-off

We are proud to say the spin-off from Spark Pay and Capital One was a complete success. Since day one of becoming independent (and removing our blazers and deleting PowerPoint from our machines) we have already hit a number of new milestones including renewing our PCI-DSS certification, started developing new features and already launched to production new measures to increase server and data-center efficiency for high volume customers – all in the first month (and during an epic 1000 year hurricane)! According to our wise and self proclaimed cheese-ball CEO Ed Sturrock, “Since 2005 when AmeriCommerce was founded, we haven’t been this aligned to our mission to help merchants sell stuff and power more with our award-winning eCommerce platform.”

So, what else is new?

We’ve been listening to your requests and are working up some great ideas to help increase your online wholesale/retail businesses. We’ll be introducing new services plus a revamped stellar customer support process for those with complex growth chasing needs. We’ve kicked off the training wheels and streamlined servers and back end processes which have in turn resulted in an even more finely tuned, stable, secure and supportable eCommerce engine. We’re the same innovative and passionate team of hard working nerds you’ve always known and loved for years – only with a new logo. Well, technically it’s the old logo… but with an edgy new font that contains a reminder to always be pointing in the right direction!

How do I stay up to date with what’s going on at AmeriCommerce?

If you are reading this article, then you are leading the pack and deserve a pat on the back. We have a new newsletter that you can sign up for (just below this post) and we will be communicating on social media as well. If you are in the mood for reading eCommerce tips on how to help your online store grow – check out our company news, power ups! Blog, or our resources section of the new website (oh yeah, we have a new website!).

Finally, we want to thank all our loyal customers for all your business over the years. We will continue being the trusted, innovative, robust, and powerful eCommerce platform that made us what we are today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about your online store or our future – just give us a shout!

Happy selling!

-AmeriCommerce Team