AmeriCommerce Acquires Strategic Partner, Americart. ( Press Release )

By Justin McCullough - Updated On 2/6/2020

After a strategic partnership formed in 2011, AmeriCommerce has now acquired Americart, their software, staff and customers.

Beaumont Texas 9/5/13

AmeriCart, founded in 1998, pioneered an early online shopping cart service, remote cart checkout, and buy now buttons for merchants selling from basic html sites and later blogs and content management systems. AmeriCart’s software will continue to run without interruption to customers ensuring all current merchants experience no disruptions.

Embedded Commerce is an AmeriCommerce product offering where the full catalog, carting and ordering features are exposed for any website platform including popular platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and any other platform that content can be added to. The AmeriCart acquisition brings even more merchants and expertise to the table that fits this product segment and consolidates platforms and security for combined growth and innovation.

The AmeriCart acquisition helps further an AmeriCommerce strategy to become more accessible to sellers who have not yet grown into a fully featured website and product catalog solution and just need simple shopping cart and checkout features that scale up in power effortlessly as the merchants' needs grow. AmeriCommerce has a full suite of embedded commerce and remote carting and ordering features with complete feature parity with the AmeriCart platform.

AmeriCart customers will get the full featured AmeriCommerce app including AmeriCommerce's new sleek responsive admin console that works on tablets, desktops and many devices. These customers will also get the most powerful theme system in the industry and a full suite of catalog features, previously unavailable to Americart customers, all for free. AmeriCommerce has a simple conversion tool for on-demand upgrades from the AmeriCart platform to the full featured version of AmeriCommerce.

AmeriCommerce is fully absorbing the AmeriCart staff into its support and product teams and extending them for increased innovation. Additionally, AmeriCart is transitioned to AmeriCommerce's recently certified and secure PCI/DSS credit card security infrastructure that the company has invested almost $1 million in securing and certifying. The benefits of the combined resources are a sure win for all merchants using either platform.

“We’re excited about this move and see it as a win-win situation. It is one of the very few successful ecommerce platform mergers in the entire industry and we feel accomplished pulling it off. There is a reason we are the platform to watch!” said Ed Sturrock, CEO of AmeriCommerce.

AmeriCommerce, founded in 2005, is the original creator of multi-store management within one admin console and an early pioneer of one page checkout and an integrated facebook shop. In 2013, the ecommerce app added blogs, rewards system, and an all new responsive admin that works on tablets and desktops. AmeriCommerce is recognized by experienced internet retailers for having pro-grade features and the industry’s most powerful and flexible theme system along with hundreds of tools and settings for serious internet retailers.

More than half a billion dollars in transaction volume is being processed on the AmeriCommerce platform which has more than 5,000 customers - many of which run more than one store on the platform.

About AmeriCommerce

AmeriCommerce is a PCI certified ecommerce software platform serving over 5,000 merchants since 2005. Whether you need one online store or multiple stores, AmeriCommerce has the tools to sell stuff online, Facebook, Twitter, mobile, blogs and across the web. With more than $4 billion processed, AmeriCommerce is a stable and reliable solution for competitive internet retailers and merchants who need smart tools for a complex industry. By staying passionate about selling stuff online and fostering a loving and deep partnership with our customers, AmeriCommerce is the ecommerce software with heart. Do you love your store? Learn more about AmeriCommerce at

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Justin McCullough is the Chief Product Officer at FSG. Head of Smart Buildings Division and Formerly VP of AmeriCommerce. He loves a challenge, big dreams, and getting stuff done. He is married with two boys, loves content marketing, ecommerce, and helping businesses succeed. You can catch him on twitter as mccJustin ( or his own personal blog.

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