INFOGRAPHIC: eCommerce PPC tips

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is challenging and ever-changing. If organic SEO is the bread and butter of our eCommerce store's income stream, we must be precise and still hopeful that once we get our website ranked well, it will stay there. The problem is that many people are having a hard time getting there to begin with. And others have had disappointing changes in the Google algorithm or other factors that have caused an ill-fated drop in the search engines.

Even if you do rank well for many organic keywords, the best strategy is diversifying your lead streams. Some organic, some PPC (pay per click) advertising, retargeting, Facebook ads and more. But to put paid advertising to work, you have to know how the experts are doing it, otherwise you could run into cash-burning black holes without anything to show for it.

This infographic shows some of the high points from Expert Travis Phipps' Free ebook, Hitchhiker's Guide to Ecommerce PPC Management. In his 165-page Free ebook - Travis shows you his step-by-step methods to get Adwords and PPC to work for you.

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