INFOGRAPHIC: 20 Best Eccommerce Sites For Retailers

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

The rise of mobile commerce, social commerce and search (i.e., Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook) has fragmented how audiences buy online, so reaching more customers requires a tailored appeal to their preferences. To engage shoppers, you need to speak to them through the channels they frequent. And while the top ecommerce channels are as varied as their audiences, they do have one thing in common: they're an undeniably cost-effective way to boost retail sales.

GoDataFeed's infographic on the Best 20 Shopping Engines for Retailers gives you the scoop on the most popular ecommerce channels, including:

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    Stats you should Tweet:
  • Amazon Product Ads yields the lowest click costs with CPC rates as low as $0.10 >>Tweet<<
  • Rakuten ranked in the Top 3 ecommerce companies worldwide >>Tweet<<
  • Polyvore drives 20% of all social commerce >>Tweet<<
  • WaNeLo reaches 50% of college-age women in the U.S. >>Tweet<<
  • Wish users add 10 million products to their wishlists everyday! >>Tweet<<

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Working together since 2009, GoDataFeed is an AmeriCommerce-integrated, cloud-based SaaS solution that helps retailers seamlessly automate, optimize and measure product feed campaigns across 100+ online shopping channels including marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, product listing ads, affiliate networks, retargeting and social channels including Rakuten, Google Shopping, Shopzilla, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Linkshare, Bing Product Ads and more.

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Geanie Marie
May 15, 2015 1:05 PM
There's certainly a lot to learn about marketing today's businesses and this is a good place to start. I've read several of your articles today and have benefited from all. My husband is a marketing manager for a large restaurant chain and he says that marketing has changed immeasurably since he first started in the business. Billboards and newspaper ads are a thing of the past, and if you want your business to stay relevant you have to get online and learn the ropes. Thanks for an interesting and informative blog. I'll keep reading.
May 16, 2015 1:59 PM
wow, really informative infographic right here, must of taken a lot of time to create! its great to find a resource like this that has everything you need to know in one place.
May 17, 2015 1:03 PM
I absolutely agree with LilyJ, there is an abundance of information here that I'd normally have to spend hours digging on the internet to uncover for myself. Personally, as a freelance writer, I have had very good success with both Google and Bing PLA-type ads. There are certainly a lot more options out there today than there were just a few years ago when I first broke out on my own and had to figure out how to get the word out. Very, very good information. Thanks for sharing :)

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