10 Tips and Tricks To Sell More Online

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

So you’ve got your online store all up and running with our ecommerce software, but you want to know how you can sell even MORE stuff online? Well fear not, you’ve come to the experts.

Check out our top 10 tips to help you sell more stuff online…

1. Paint the right picture

Ok your product is amazing; I mean you wouldn’t be selling it otherwise. But you’re not going to sell anything until you gain the trust of your customer . Make sure your values are clear, show them that you are the expert in your field and prove to them that your product will help them. Be consistent in all of your marketing and your brand will stay memorable. Another great idea is to ask previous customers for testimonials and list them clearly for all to see.

Put it in Action:

  • Speak in their language
  • Show how you solve their problem
  • Use consistent imagery and voice
  • Feature great customer testimonials

2. Offer an alternative

Let’s be honest, people love to shop around so chances are your potential customers may not stay on your site if the product they landed on wasn’t quite what they were looking for. A great way to combat this is to offer them different alternatives. You can feature the alternatives below your listed product so that your visitors are more likely to spend longer on your site and buy from you!

Put it in Action:

  • Listen to what you customer wants
  • List 4 alternative products on each page
  • Find out if what they land on, is what they buy
  • Never stop testing the customer journey

3. Be discount savvy

You may think that discounting products will lead to a loss in profit but if you do it right then you should see positive results. Make sure you have a solid customer base before you start giving out discounts and think of it as a way to reward those loyal customers, rather than a way to attract new ones. Don’t promote discounts too often, as your customers will start waiting for your sale instead of buying your latest stuff. But if you do have older stock that you want to get rid of then there is no harm in adding a small discount to entice people.

Put it in Action:

  • Build your customer base first
  • Never devalue your product
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Don’t have a permanent sale

4. Show them the value

Ok so you really can’t afford to discount? No problem! That’s where demonstrating the value of your product really comes into play. Don’t just list the features; tell them exactly how each feature will benefit them. Do plenty of research and find out who is interested in your product and why. Be very specific in your listings and you’ll find that SEO will also play a big part in helping bring in the right traffic to your online store.

Put it in Action:

  • Explain the benefits
  • List the features
  • Utilize keywords to help with SEO
  • Play to your strengths

5. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from your customers is the perfect way to learn if you are getting it right. Giving your customers the chance to give feedback will let them know that you do value their opinion. If you’re going to feature a survey on your website, make sure you keep it as short as possible, but really give thought to the questions you want to ask. Be sure to act on your results and a friendly thank you to your customers will always be well received.

Put it in Action:

  • Post surveys on your site
  • Listen to your customers
  • Never get too settled
  • Act on your findings

6. Send awesome emails

Chances are if your customers have subscribed to your emails then they do actually want to hear from you… but how do you keep them engaged? Don’t just bombard your contacts with constant sales emails. Speak to them like the humans that they are, be personalized within your copy and do a bit of background research to find out what they actually want from you. Telling a story is a great way to keep a customer engaged but make sure that the message is simple, clear and concise.

Put it in Action:

  • Use concise headlines
  • Create interesting content
  • Tell the story creatively
  • Test your emails before you send

7. Shout about on social

Social media shouldn’t just be another outlet to promote your offers. This is the place where you can truly let your personality shine through! Once you’ve learned what your customers care about you can start to post the stuff that they actually want to read. And if you’re lucky, they’ll forward on your posts to all of their friends. From expert advice and product features to behind the scenes and humorous posts, make your social media as interesting as it can be!

Put it in Action:

  • Show them your personality
  • Post useful content
  • Don’t be too sales minded
  • Don’t spam your followers

8. Write a blog

Blogging is a great way to attract a wider audience and bring in more traffic. Create a schedule with your team to blog every week and make sure you stick to it. Producing useful blog posts will not only help with SEO but it will attract a wider audience and should bring the right people to your website. You don’t have to write thousand word essays either, just be yourself, stay true to your brand and make it interesting!

Put it in Action:

  • Set up a blog and post regularly
  • Create a schedule with different topics
  • Link it to your social feed
  • Be yourself!

9. Make it simple to buy

How many times have you visited a website and made a sharp exit because you couldn’t find what you wanted? Navigation is extremely important. Make sure you implement call-to-action buttons clearly so that the customer knows exactly what they should do. You also need to ensure that your website is fully responsive on every device – that includes cell phones! Don’t give your customer a reason to think about anything other than how amazing your product is.

Put it in Action:

  • Make your navigation simple
  • Think outside of your homepage
  • Create plenty of call to action buttons
  • Be responsive on ALL devices

10. Value your customers

Customer service is one of, if not the most important part to selling more stuff online. Make sure you have a dedicated customer service team on hand so that if they ever need help then you are there to do just that. If they have a complaint, be committed in providing them with the solution they need. Word of mouth is a valuable tool so it is important to make sure your customers only have great things to say about you!

Put it in Action:

  • Always listen to and resolve complaints
  • Take care of your customers from start to finish
  • Remember the importance of word of mouth
  • Go the extra mile for them

So there you have it – our top 10 tips to help you sell more stuff online. But, if you don’t yet have our ecommerce software, then check out all of our incredible features to see how we can help you sell like a pro!

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