10 Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

By Team AmeriCommerce - Updated On 2/6/2020

There are many things to consider when building your online store, which is why we endeavor to take the stress out of that. But how much thought have you given to the copy on your website?

Creating interesting content is important for turning those visitors into customers so check out this post to find out if you are making any of those killer mistakes…

1.Too many buzzwords

The key to creating the perfect copy is to keep it simple. You may think that by adding loads of buzzwords, it’s going to help you sell, but in reality it just turns people off. Too many times we’ve heard the terms ‘innovative’, ‘groundbreaking’ or ‘market-leading’ and because they are so frequently used, they have lost all meaning. It’s better to keep your copy short and sweet rather than stuffing it full of corporate jargon that no one really cares about.

  • Keep it simple
  • Cut down on buzzwords
  • Be honest

2. There’s no personality

When you’re writing the copy for your website you need to consider what personality your brand has. Even if you have a serious product to sell, the last thing you want to do is to come across as boring as this will only switch people off. Put yourself in your brands shoes for just one second and now answer these questions: What drink would you order at the bar? What TV show would you watch? What is your favorite joke? Think about who your brand is and add your personality into your copy

  • Engage with your customer
  • Think about your brand
  • Show off your personality

3. You missed out the benefits

So yes you may want to shout to the world about how many great features your product has but the truth is your customers don’t care too much for features. They want to know what’s in it for them! Talk about the benefits instead and use emotions to strike a chord. For example, a 32GB memory stick offers lots of space…but if you tell your customers that it can fit 10,000 of their family photos or 8000 songs, you’ll find conversions will be much higher because you’re associating it with what they care about. Always show the value of your product by backing it up with facts.

  • List benefits rather than features
  • Back up your product with facts
  • Grab the customer using emotion

4. You’re too concerned with keywords

So everyone wants to create a page that’s perfectly optimized, but too many businesses are getting it wrong when it comes to keywords. Overstuffing your copy will not only make your content unreadable, but it may even get you penalized by Google. If you have a subject in mind when you write your content, you’ll find that keywords will naturally flow into the copy without needing to fit them into every other line.

  • Don’t overstuff your copy with keywords
  • Write natural copy that flows
  • Write what you want to say

5. It's just one long block of text

Although you should always try and keep your copy short and to the point, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it longer if it’s done right. The problem with this however, is that people will feature it as one long block of text! If you’re writing a longer piece of copy then try and think about adding bullet points, catchy headlines and even images to space it out and make it much more appealing on the eye.

  • Sum up with bullet points
  • Add images
  • Include catchy headlines throughout

6. You didn’t proofread

Ah yes this sounds so simple but it’s surprising how many errors you see throughout website copy. You may be in a rush to publish it but you’ll never be respected if you put copy live that is littered with mistakes. If you find it difficult to spot mistakes try taking a short break or print it out so you can read it on paper. Finally, make sure you get another employee to check over it too – it always helps to get a fresh pair of eyes looking at your work!

  • Take a break before you proofread
  • Print it out and read it on paper
  • Ask a colleague to proofread

7. There’s no CTA

You won’t convert your visitors into customers if you don’t tell them what to do. Every online store needs a call to action (CTA) so that your visitors understand how to contact you or how to buy your product. Make sure you end with a memorable sentence and tell them what they need to do next. Prominent CTA buttons should be visible on each page and make sure you think about the language you use. For example, ‘Add to Cart’ instead of ‘Buy Now’ has been found to be more successful because people don’t feel like they have to fully commit to buy there and then.

  • Make your CTA prominent
  • Think about your choice of language
  • Tell the customer what to do next

8. Your copy is too pushy

Although it’s important to close the sale, there’s nothing worse than reading website content that is too sales orientated. Let’s be honest, no-body likes a pushy salesperson so make sure your copy doesn’t go over the top with trying to push for a sale. When it comes to writing copy you need to be able to speak in their language. Put the research in, find out what they like to read, check out the blogs they would visit and start creating copy using their language. Remember, people want to buy from a human so try and use a conversational tone rather than formal sales copy.

  • Don’t be pushy or brash
  • Use a conversational tone
  • Research your customers language

9. You don’t test your copy

Testing the copy on your online store is a great way to learn if you are getting it right. A/B testing is perfect for this, as it can help you find out which headlines are better received, the language that people prefer to read, the layout and style of the copy and even how much copy you should use. You can never stop learning from your customers so make sure you test early and often.

  • A/B test to find out what works best
  • Never stop testing
  • Always listen to your customer

10. You didn’t consider the customer journey

Many customers like to see, hear, touch and even smell the product before they commit to buy, so convincing people to order from your online store can be difficult. This is where thinking about the customer journey really comes into play. Make your buying process seamless for your customers and quash their concerns using persuasive copy. Take the steps yourself and consider what would make your customer feel better at every step of the way. Give them a reason to trust you.

  • Create a seamless customer journey
  • Use persuasive copy
  • Quash concerns for better conversions

So there you have it –10 copywriting mistakes that could be costing you money. We advise that you always think carefully when creating the copy for your online store because it really will make a world of difference!

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