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XML Web Services API

Comprehensive application integration platform built entirely with industry standard XML based web service output.

Shopping Cart Software with an XML Web Services API

XML web services are the industry standard method of delivering data and application interfaces. They make it easy to transfer data back and forth while still keeping business rules and validation intact. AmeriCommerce has chosen to expose its entire platform through the secure and reliable mechanism of .NET XML Web Services. XML Web Services comprise not just pieces of the platform here and there where needed. Rather XML Web Service comprises the entire platform consistently and with a defined structure for getting to and updating the data that belongs to you. Add new records and XML Web Service runs through the same AmeriCommerce business rules that the Admin console uses.

  • So powerful AmeriCommerce even used it to create the Admin console
  • AmeriCommerce uses it for all integrations
  • Third party developers use it for their integrations
  • Versioned with the website's version to keep the application, the data and the web safe
  • Secured through multiple mechanisms to ensure reliable but secure communications
  • Supports the entire AmeriCommerce platform for reading and writing data
  • Planned, built, executed and used for years

Uses for a Shopping Cart XML Web Service

  • Integration of other applications both internal and external
  • Integrate Accounting, Customer Management, Mailing, Shipping, ERP and any other system
  • Update inventory remotely or from suppliers
  • Automate the adding of products, customers and orders
  • Build a complete front end separate from AmeriCommerce
  • The possibilities are endless

Web Service Software Development Kit (SDK) Pricing

  • $299 setup fee and $39 per month for access to the web service on your store
  • Includes provisioning, activation, examples, documentation and startup information.
  • Inquire about Academic and Integrators versions with reduced pricing

Limitations and Exceptions for the Web Service

  • Use in any development environment such as Visual Studio.Net using VB or C#, Java, Ruby, any platforms that offers XML web service consumption.
  • Due to the expensive nature of development talent and sporadic support needs, support is paid per incident at custom development rates
  • Examples and documentation is available
  • .NET XML Web Service is a service for experienced developers and integrators

Other Shopping Cart Extensibility Options

  • Custom snap-ins, can use the web service to read/write data, used to insert functionality into particular places on the front end customer facing site
  • Custom hooks, used to tap into the AmeriCommerce workflow, methods such as GetExternalTax, GetExternalShipping
  • Custom layout using site merges, used to change the layout of each screen by using defined AmeriCommerce controls
  • Direct Data Connection via ODBC options are available

Code Samples

See Code Samples at GitHub

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