Design Your Store

Your store - exactly how you'd like it to look!

Use the theme system to do more with your ecommerce store than your competitors. You'll be able to custom design product pages, pages by category or by search and so much more. With more than 50 types of pages, there is virtually no area of your website or storefront you can not customize!

With AmeriCommerce, you have full access to create your own design, modify an existing theme from all our available themes or simply use a theme as it is. Additionally, with tools like LiveDesign for drag-and-drop layouts and point-and-click editing along with powerful widgets you can make your store come to life with wonderful designs that help you sell more.


Drag and Drop with Live Design

Do you need a WYSIWYG editor? Well, with Live Design, a click and drag of the mouse can edit, resize and completely tweak your theme via this powerful design tool. Change colors, text, layout elements and more just with simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click actions without having to worry about writing code. But, if you are code savvy, Live Design also gives you deeper access to your themes HTML, CSS and powerful widgets allowing you to insert slideshows, products and custom design elements across various parts of your store.

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Choose from dozens of available widgets to expand the capabilities of your store and it's look and content areas. Using Live Design, widgets are simple to select, drag and drop and activate per page or per theme.

Design related widgets include:
  • Slideshows and product carousels
  • Drop down menus, site navigation and link groups
  • Bestsellers, related items, featured item, new item, recently viewed items
  • Customers also bought, customer favorites, customer reviews

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AmeriCommerce Theme System

Theme System

Use the theme system to specify header, footer, sidebar, navigation, individual pages including product pages, cart pages, search pages and more. With more than 50 different pages you can target, this is where all the fine tuning of your theme or design takes place. You can do light HTML and CSS or extensive "under-the-hood" coding using our web hooks, which we call merge codes, along with widgets, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Theme Gallery

Theme Gallery and Theme Store

Every store is unique in its own way. When it comes to the design of your store, you can select from dozens of free themes or purchase a theme from our theme store or even hire our awesome design team to do a custom ecommerce design for you. All themes are still customizable, flexible and accessible in Live Design and the theme system.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Conversion Pages

Use AmeriCommerce content pages and robust theme system If you want to create specific pages that deviate from your theme. You have many options such as creating unique pages, without the same navigation or with an entirely different navigation or perhaps an altogether different look and feel. Landing pages and conversion pages can be completely customized and tested within your store without being exactly like the rest of your site.

Product Pages

Product Pages, Category Pages, Cart Page & More

Tailoring high impact pages allow you to suggest the right product, or present the right graphics and message at the right time. You can join the ranks of some of the most sophisticated internet retailers who use the powerful customization and design tools of AmeriCommerce to create high converting and high impact pages - pages many online stores never address.

Customize your HTML and CSS

HTML5 / CSS3 Customization

Your themes are fully portable and customizable with full access to the HTML and CSS code. You can modify these within Live Design or independently within your existing design tools like Dreamweaver. You may edit directly in the theme system or upload your html and css files through FTP.

Swap and Clone Themes

Swap & Clone Entire Designs With a Click

Your web designs are easily created, cloned, and imported using the theme system. Preview new designs on your site before making them live for the world to see, and switch seasonal themes with the click of a button! Even preview individual pages before publishing them.

CSS Editor

CSS Editor

Use the built-in CSS editor for the most common CSS settings such as color, font, size, and alignment or use an external CSS file for ultimate control.

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimized through and through; Div layouts, HTML5/CSS3, Custom URLs, Custom Page Titles & Meta Tags, Custom Redirects, and SEO optimized pages.

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FTP Access

FTP Access

Manage your design files and photos using direct FTP access or via Adobe Dreamweaver. Share themes effortlessly.

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