Data Driven Ecommerce - Infographic

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Data Driven Ecommerce - Infographic

You won’t be surprised to hear that the amount people spend online is increasing. We are in the age of internet purchasing, convenience shopping and click and collect. We enjoy the speed at which we can purchase, the range of products we can get at the click of a button and the excitement of our products turning up at our door next day. This has resulted in a boom in online stores, it’s so easy that anyone can set up an online store these days.

This infographic shows some of the key metrics regarding the size of the ecommerce market, figures regarding mobile commerce, how search affects ecommerce, social media and ecommerce software, ecommerce conversion rates, ecommerce retention rates, coupons and discounts and drop shipping.

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    Stats you should Tweet:
  • Ecommerce is a $220 Billion industry in the U.S. alone growing by nearly 17% a year! >>Tweet<<
  • Online retail sales to hit $370 Billion by 2017! >>Tweet<<
  • By 2017, Mobile commerce will account for 26% of U.S. retail eCommerce sales >>Tweet<<
  • In UK, Mobile will account for an estimated 24% of retail eCommerce sales in 2014; then 35% in 2017 >>Tweet<<
  • 79.5 million US Internet users will buy goods or services via Mobile devices at least once this year >>Tweet<<
  • According to an April 2014 survey of marketers worldwide, content creation was most effective for SEO >>Tweet<<
  • B2B Ecommerce market worth $6.7 Trillion by 2020 @Forbes

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20 comment(s)
David Adams August 19, 2014 11:14 AM reply
Oh wow, you guys sure did your research on this. I didn't know it was growing so fast, eCommerce that is. I wish I had the skills to generate that much sales myself, but I am growing along with it. Anyways, I really believe that eCommerce is the future, and that there will just be warehouses instead of real life shops. I actually think that'd be an interesting future.

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