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The only admin that plays nice on tablets, small screens, and big screens.

This sexy responsive admin is optimized for desktop and tablet users who want to manage their store from the desk, laptop, or from the field or the couch using an iPad or other tablet device. More screens mean more productivity, am I right?!

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Gain quick insights on sales, visitors, and trends. It’s customizable too!

When time is money and knowledge is power, you’ll find the customizable dashboard packs a ton of value. Create new widgets and easily order your most important data with a simple drag and drop. Seriously, drag ‘em around. Go ahead.

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$100 +$25




Hello, Universe


Layer 1


1092 Bacca, Chew $9.99 Today
1091 Solo, Han $9.99 Yesterday


No fuss file management with drag and drop uploads. It’s oh so simple!

Upload one, two or a digital metric ton of pictures and files with ease. Click, drag, drop, poof, done! We’d say more, but you know, it’s drag and drop so it does what it should.

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Upload Me Baby


Less clicks, less screen reloads. More time saved!

This seriously cool approach to editing your store content means no longer navigating to content in order to edit it, instead, the content comes to you for editing without having to leave the page you’re on. And that, my friend, is both cool and fast!

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Tardis #0918 $9.99 Out of Stock
Delorean #1985 $88.88 Out of Stock
Hot Tub #0917 $20.11 Out of Stock

Tardis - General Information

Product Information
Tax Information
Product Flags
Product Text

Everything Else

Finally, an ecommerce app built for pros yet easy enough for serious startups.

Yeah, this ecommerce app does everything from shipping to taxes, imports to exports, order management to product entry and includes the industry’s most powerful and flexible theme engine. The new admin also features easy-to-use wysiwyg editor, search filtering for orders, products and customers, and a slew of tools like photo editing, product imports, seo tools, and so much more.

Photo Editing
Product Imports
SEO Tools
Wysiwig Editor
Kitchen Sink
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