Custom Development

AmeriCommerce can develop custom eCommerce / Shopping Cart Software features to your specifications!

Custom Shopping Cart

AmeriCommerce recognizes that every business is unique, and no single shopping cart software can be everything to everyone right out of the box. While AmeriCommerce offers more features and flexibility than any other shopping cart system available, we are always adding new functionality, primarily from direct client and customer feedback.

Quite often a client will come along with specific functionality requirements. While most of our competitors flatly turn down any feature requests, we encourage our clients to make requests and submit proposals for custom functionality.

Feature Suggestions

We encourage use of our Feature Submission and Voting Portal to make detailed feature suggestions for the product. Each release we pick from this area for the best changes we can find, the ones that offer the most benefit to our customers sales and management mechanisms. There is no timeline for inclusion it could be anywhere from 1 month to 1 year or more depending on effort and impact, but we do take these suggestions seriously.

Custom Shopping Cart Development

There are times when the customer cannot wait for a feature to work its way into the product via feature suggestions. We consider this custom shopping development because the immediate need of this feature interferes with all future releases of the product and timelines set forth for them. AmeriCommerce is more than happy provide this custom shopping cart software in most cases. This is where the custom development process begins. Refer to an outline of the custom shopping cart development process here.

Types of Customization Development Allowed

There are three levels of custom shopping cart feature requests:

  • Those that benefit the general public
  • Those that only benefit the single customer asking for it, but the request still fits within the framework of AmeriCommerce
  • Those that are completely out of scope of the AmeriCommerce system

When the feature benefits more than just one customer, Level 1 development can be implemented. Because this custom shopping cart software benefits many customers, AmeriCommerce is willing to share the cost of developing that feature. Level 2 will be full rate card billing as it does not benefit the future path of AmeriCommerce. We allow this development because it helps the customer and works within our existing framework. AmeriCommerce will not perform Level 3 work as we are fully focused on the development of our eCommerce offerings.

The DevShare Program

DevShare is a program we have created for our customers that help key changes get implemented in the software. Typically a customer has a feature in mind that would help their business, sales, or customer experience that is not currently in AmeriCommerce's large feature set. The customer will naturally ask for these features to be added into the software and we put them on a feature request list that we work down between releases. See how DevShare can save you and your peers money by funding small portions of each of these public features. Click here to read more about the Dev Share Program and how it can help you.

AmeriCommerce Developers API/SDK Access
Setup: $299 Monthly: $39 Support is per incident or by block of API support hours.

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