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Release HistoryFEATURE: Assign Layout/Template To Specific Pages5/24/2012 3:04:13 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: CSV of all product photos3/30/2012 2:50:41 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: GTIN is Now Available for Variant Inventory2/20/2012 9:31:59 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Cloud Based Email Support1/16/2012 9:05:14 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: New SEO features for Product Listing Pages12/14/2011 1:18:47 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Category Page SEO Friendly Links12/12/2011 8:52:48 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: “Customer Favorites” Type Product Display Widget12/2/2011 2:11:50 PM
Release HistoryUPDATE: Added new required fields to Google base feed12/1/2011 1:12:22 PM
Release HistoryHOTFIX: DoNotIndex Setting10/20/2011 8:59:29 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Allow customers to pay for a backend order on the frontend6/27/2011 12:58:43 PM
Release HistoryUPDATE: Admin Panel Menus5/10/2011 11:08:23 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Detailed Audit History on Orders3/14/2011 3:23:32 PM
Master BlogHow to Setup Mobile Commerce Tracking: Google Analytics2/23/2011 9:10:52 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Enhanced Product and Option Swatches2/14/2011 1:03:53 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Product Preview Popup2/14/2011 9:20:09 AM
Release HistoryHOTFIX: Phantom Item Line Item Notes2/14/2011 9:12:01 AM
Release HistoryHOTFIX: Custom URL rewrites2/11/2011 3:13:03 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Autocomplete for frontend search boxes1/21/2011 4:00:30 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Disable Payment Methods for Certain Products1/11/2011 2:55:26 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: 3 new snapins for shopping cart1/10/2011 12:41:18 PM
Master BlogGoogle Base: Why and How to Submit an Optimized Feed12/16/2010 8:46:40 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Autocomplete for frontend search boxes11/10/2010 4:32:05 PM
Release HistoryHOTFIX: Category sort on Catalog page11/3/2010 1:21:28 PM
Master BlogHoning In On Speed, Reliability & Security in AmeriCommerce 2010.510/21/2010 3:33:28 PM
Master BlogFeature Voting and Customization Request Forum10/21/2010 10:17:43 AM
Release HistoryFEATURE: New URL Merges10/16/2010 11:08:00 AM
Release HistoryHOTFIX: Blocked requests given 403 status10/13/2010 12:32:33 PM
Release HistoryFEATURE: Checkbox display style added to Browsing by Attributes10/8/2010 10:17:13 AM
Master BlogMobile Commerce & Mobile Shopping Features Expanded10/8/2010 10:07:12 AM
Master BlogAnnouncing New AmeriCommerce Product Blog9/23/2010 9:08:25 AM
Release HistoryFIX: Script Rendering & Last-Modified Header Changes9/22/2010 8:39:42 AM
Release HistoryNew Release History Format Starting9/22/2010 8:16:28 AM
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