Feature Spotlight: Product Flexibility

Show off, share, and suggest products like never before! With AmeriCommerce you have so many ways to set up and sell your stuff that you'll never feel limited.

Attribute Filters & Faceted Search

With product attributes, you can filter and sort through your product catalog with ease. A great way for your visitors to find the exact product they are looking for and increase the overall shopping experience. Each product attribute can be customized with different pricing, shipping, and order rules.

Compare Products Against Each Other

The AmeriCommerce product comparison tool provides enhanced functionality for your website and a superior experience for your customers. Increase your website's usability, conv. rate and customer satisfaction by allowing visitors to see side by side comparisons of your merchandise.

Build Your Own Groups, Kits or Boxes

Help your customers find a collection of products that group together or depend on one another. For example, sell a furniture set together that is also made up of individual products.

Product Options and Variants

Products can have as many options as you need. So things like size, color, type, are easy to select and each can have their own SKU, photo, weight, and price adjustments based on the option selected.

Products with Personalization and File Upload

Do you sell a product that needs customer information such as text for engraving or a file for printing? No problem. All products can include file upload and text boxes that attached to the product and order for viewing during order fulfillment.

Answer Questions with the Q&A Widget

No matter what you sell, your customers are always going to have questions. Store owners can add a Q&A widget to any page on their store that allows customers to ask questions and receive answers from the store owner, admin users or other shoppers.

Digital Products, Subscriptions, and Software

Whether it's a monthly subscription, e-books, mp3, software licenses or other digital downloads - all are easily managed and sold through your AmeriCommerce store. Take advantage of multiple delivery methods for your downloadable products like never before.

Product Reviews

Shoppers trust the feedback of customers so include social proof, ratings and real customer testimonials on your products. You can have a simple review for up to 5 stars with comment, or you can specify a multidimensional review and create as many dimensions to the review as you like.

Top Sellers, Suggested Items, Related Items

Transform your store into a persuasive sales tool that up-sells and suggests products to your shoppers - easily. Give customers suggestions for their next item, similar item, popular items and more. In fact, you'll be able to include suggestions that include quantity boxes and add to cart buttons or buy now links and even show product options and variants to easily add to cart or go straight to checkout.

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