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Ultra Store (or more appropriately ULTRA STOOORREE!) is perfect for a lot of different store types, especially those with a large catalog. Ultra Store has a big category navigation, shop by brand, shop by attribute, left column, several marketing...
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Overall, wonderful theme!

I have to say that I am now an AmeriCommerce enthusiast! I love this theme on which I will be opening 3-4 stores by end of this year, but I have one issue. On the mobile [responsive] version, when you're on a product page, or any other page other than homepage, it shows all the menu links, sub-category links, etc. before the page content. It is misleading to the visitor who may think that it went back to the homepage, instead of the link they clicked on. Many tests have shown that visitors like to see the "desktop version" of the website when the mobile version is automatically presented. For this reason, I would HIGHLY recommend that this responsive version is optimized such that the content, product, add to cart button, etc. is shown on the top of the page followed by the menu and sub-category links on the bottom. Currently, you have to scroll down. In my case, I am going to have 20-40 sub-categories in each category. It's going to be a huge inconvenience and also confusing for my site visitors.

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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