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SSL Certificates serve three primary functions:

  • Secure private information between the web servers and the customers as they browse the site by using encryption.
  • Secure the administration console so sensitive passwords, credit card numbers, and customer data cannot be intercepted.
  • Provide a Secure Seal on the site that shows your customers that you protect their data and that you are a legitimate company.

What are my options?

Free Shared SSL

By default, AmeriCommerce is installed using our Shared SSL certificate. This is a free service we offer to make sure your site is secure from the beginning. The downside to this is when a customer visits a secure link during checkout, they will be transferred seamlessly to "", and back again once they leave the secured area. Also you cannot use a Secure Site Seal with this method. When people click on the SSL logo on their browser, they will see AmeriCommerce as the company owning the certificate. There is nothing additional that you need to do to configure this option, we maintain the SSL.

Purchase a dedicated SSL certificate

If you have your own SSL certificate, customers stay on your domain name the entire time they visit the site, and you can display a Secure Site Seal. When people click on the SSL logo on their browser, they will see your company name as the owner of the certificate. Most Shopping Cart SSL Certificates also come with fraud insurance. Choose a certificate below and place your order. We will guide you thru the process and install the certificate on your site.

Provide your own dedicated SSL certificate

Have your own SSL Certificate and want to have it applied to your AmeriCommerce site? Choose the 3rd party SSL Certificate Installation service above for $75. We will then guide you thru the process to have your certificate issued for use with your site.

What is a primary difference between domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV)?

DV - Domain validated SSL Certificates provide basic level of security as the Certificate Authority verifies domain ownership.

OV - Organization validated SSL Certificates provide a stronger level of security because the Certificate Authority verifies domain ownership plus includes authentication of the organization behind the domain.

EV - Extended validated SSL Certificates provide an even stronger level of security because the Certificate Authority verifies domain ownership and requires a more extensive verification of the organization behind the domain.

All SSL certificates we sell utilize the same 2048 bit key length industry standard. Check with the individual Certificate Authority for detailed information on each certificate listed.

Receive a notification of a soon to expire SSL Certificate?

Choose the certificate from below and place your order or choose from one of the other offerings.

Have a question?

A sales team or technical services representative is available to answer any questions you may have before you purchase. Submit your question(s) directly on this page below using the Have a Question? box.

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