Holiday Readiness

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It’s that time of the year and there is no doubt our merchants are ramping up for a busy selling season.

Are you ready? I mean, is your online store ready?

A quick spot check:

  1. Do you have the contact information of your infrastructure team (us at AmeriCommerce and third-party teams, shippers, etc)?
  2. Are you finished with any major site initiatives (redesign, re-architecture, new product imports, new integrations) and will they impact your holiday initiatives?
  3. Have you corrected any past reliability or infrastructure issues to ensure success this holiday?
  4. Have you planned for server resources and bandwidth needs?
  5. Have you made any significant changes (new code, new servers or perhaps even new site features or third party integrations) since your last big push that may impact your holiday season?
  6. Have you done at least one live test of your email promotion and discount or coupon methods to confirm they work as expected?

Are we ready?Yep!

At AmeriCommerce, the holidays mean huge data and traffic spikes to our servers as all of our merchants ramp up their promotions and sales. Many of us go on a vigilant 24 hour monitoring regiment and anything that can ring, flash, or alert is actively tended too.

After a decade, of doing this, we’ve seen amazing reliability and uptime during the busiest time of the year.

 One key reason for this success is the critical decision to use top-end servers at Rackspace that are intentionally kept at 30% utilization – as demand goes up, we buy more servers instead of pushing over this 30% threshold.

Additionally, all our servers are finely tuned and optimized for our ecommerce software - no superfluous services or drains on our servers! In this way, our merchants don’t have to worry about server technology, maintenance, or resource management. And, of course, our band of nerds here and at Rackspace keep everything tiptop.

The following are two BIG scenarios you might like to know about.

12,000 Unique Coupons

We recently had a merchant set up 12,000 active unique coupons for one of their big marketing pushes.

This is normally not a big deal. Often merchants will issue a bank of coupons and discounts by value or date range for anyone to claim. In this case, however, each coupon was unique and could only be used once.

While we manage thousands upon thousands of coupon and discount codes in our ecommerce system, this marked the first instance where one single merchant had that many unique coupons to be used as one-time offers. In preparation for the campaign we were able to test this scenario and optimize the source code and database management of those coupons within the ecommerce software resulting in increased performance.

3 Million Emails Over 7 Days = 10x Traffic Spike

One of our merchants is huge on community activity and uses our multistore capabilities to dominate several niches and simultaneously foster a large email and customer database.

Throughout the year, this merchant prepares massive email campaigns of more than 3 million emails and coordinates the promotions with us. In preparation, this merchant has included additional resources within our ecommerce software and hosting environment for load balancing during these huge traffic spikes and highly lucrative promotional periods. The result is a flawless email campaign that results in high traffic, high order volume and great customer experiences.

If you are planning on a large promotion this holiday season, feel free to connect with us as a part of your holiday preparation. We’d love to help this season be your best yet.

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Brian Gluck October 28, 2012 3:42 PM reply

It's good to know that you guys are already on preparation which what will hopefully be a very busy season for all of your customers!

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Justin McCullough October 29, 2012 9:16 AM reply

Yeah Brian,

This should be a great selling season!

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