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One of our most recent ex-Bigcommerce users said:
"AmeriCommerce is well maintained and the creators appear to have a passion for excellence. Settings and options are deep. Bigcommerce is basic, few options. But it lacks dozens (hundreds) of functions that most merchants want/need. And speed..same product, same features, same payload, same javascripts, and a bigcommerce pageload is almost 3.5 seconds vs. the exact same product in AmeriCommerce at 1.26 seconds."
We just say try it for yourself and see.

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See what Ecommerce Store Owners from other platforms have to say:

"In the world of shopping carts and website hosting it can be nerve racking to find the right match for your company's needs. I reviewed no less than 20 shopping cart providers for our new website. They all made tall claims, but when you tested them and called the support department the truth about their customer service came out very fast.

Then I found AmeriCommerce. I had direct access to the technical support staff from day one and they patiently worked though finding solutions to every one of my needs. Our website has required a dozen unique needs so far and AmeriCommerce has fulfilled every one of them without any complaint. In my experience with other service providers asking for custom development is met with sighs and attempts to convince you it can't be done. I've never heard "no" from AmeriCommerce. I expected to receive some large invoices for the work. Good development cost money and I was happy to pay them for their time. I was even more surprised when the invoices showed up and the pricing was extremely friendly. I almost don't want to tell anyone about them because I don't want the secret to get out.

AmeriCommerce has been more of a business partner to us than just a vendor. They told me that this was their attitude while I was reviewing them and they have stayed true to their word. What I really like is that when you call with a need they first put on the "owner hat" and try to understand your needs from your point of view as a business owner. Once they are sure they understand what you are asking for and why they switch to the "technical hat" and figure out how to get it done. This is priceless in business relations. I've also noticed that they see when requests are useful for all their clients and those get rolled out to everyone. So essentially every customer is benefiting from the requests of all the other customers which helps to continually improve their software as a community of users all sharing the benefits. It's a great business model that I wish more companies would use."

Matt Trossen, CEO
Trossen Robotics

"We spent a few years utilizing another shopping cart before an opportunity presented itself that required development of an additional secondary website. The multi-site functionality pushed us to a trial of Americommerce and we have never looked back!

We have yet to run into any significant design or functionality restriction with the Americommerce software. Nearly everything is able to be customized which provides us with a unique flexibility not found with our previous carts.

The people are fantastic to work with. You can truly tell that they are an up-and-coming company that does not rest on their laurels. It is great to work with a company that is as committed to continuous improvement as we are.

Whether it's a multi-store functionality, facebook shops or recurring orders - it seems like every week there is a great new feature to help us sell more product!"

Andrew Brown
Boat Outfitters

"Last year, I had reviewed and searched for a shopping cart solution and picked Volusion. Six months later, the company that I work for asked me to do a feature and solution comparison between Volusion and Americommerce and I took one look at what Americommerce had to offer and there was no doubt in my mind that we had found a winner! I also talked with both companies about customizing certain features we wanted incorporated and Volusion declined the customizing and Americommerce agreed to the custom development within a reasonable time frame and at a very reasonable price. The choice was clear.

I worked on setting up my company's products and the ease with which I could edit the product base and the design elements was simply unbelievable. Add to that Americommerce's willingness to customize for us at reasonable rates and we knew we had a solution partner...not just a solution provider.

Americommerce is by far the best ecommerce solution I have seen. Their feature rich solution covers every aspect crucial to an e-business: Product and catalog management, marketing and reporting, extremely search engine friendly, options to 'recover' abandoned carts, very easy to customize the design elements with basic knowledge of CSS, terrific support and customer service and I'm only touching the tip of the iceberg. Add to that the option to custom develop features and it's a scalable solution. Any serious e-business would consider the scalable factor to be a requirement. I talked with other ecommerce solution providers and none of them were even willing to custom develop features, let alone at a reasonable rate.

I wouldn't say Americommerce is a strong contender in the ecommerce solution provider market - I would say Americommerce is way ahead of the strong contenders. I moved my own store over as soon as I could. Need I say more?"

OM Village
Pippin McGee
Inc 5000
Practical Ecommerce
Internet Retailer
Codie Award 2010
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